About Us


     At Championship Timing you can rest assured that you will always have professionals who are ready to meet your every need.   Rich and Laura Borman have been on a track and field journey since 1995 as their three daughters grew up participating in the youth track and field world.   Laura has been the president of the Jets Track Club for the past seventeen years and has served as the Ozark AAU and USATF Youth Chair.  She is now the president of USATF Ozark and is working to continue to promote and offer opportunities for track and field athletes of all ages.  Rich has served as a Jets Track Club coach for the past seventeen years and has also been a volunteer coach with the Festus School District for the past ten years.  He specializes his coaching in the areas of jumps and hurdles and has coached many successful multi event athletes over the years.  Both Laura and Rich are certified as USATF National Officials. 


Rich and Laura reside in the Fetsus, Missouri area and all three of their daughters are participating in track and field at the college level.  Their daughter, Brittany, competed as a member of  the   2012  London USA Olympic Team as a javelin thrower. 



We look forward to meeting your track and field timing needs!!!